Got Your Back

Got Your Back is an engaging and thought-provoking curriculum from PREP that focuses on helping individuals improve their self-awareness, understanding of others, and their decision-making skills in a variety of relationships and context. 

Essentially, Got Your Back is relationship intelligence for servicemembers in myriad types of relationships like friendships, work relationships, family relationships, dating/partner relationships, parenting & co-parenting relationships, and more. Got Your Back equips servicemembers, especially those aged 18-30, with the tools, skills, and understanding of these relationships so they can be handled appropriately and effectively.

The goals of Got Your Back include helping individuals handle their own stress and negative emotions more effectively, increase constructive communication and de-escalation skills, understand safe and unsafe relationship dynamics, understand who they are and what they’re all about, form healthy expectations about various relationships, explore the connection between decisions and outcomes, and learn how to plug in to communities in helpful and healthy ways.

Further, as the name suggests, Got Your Back is designed not just to help servicemembers identify and create a community of support for themselves; it’s also meant for them to learn how to be of support and safety to others.

You must be trained in this PREP curriculum in order to teach it.

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Interactive approach to teaching...
This curriculum uses animations, Lecture Doodles, and activities to teach, keeping participants interested and making important ideas easier to teach. Click to see an example of a Lecture Doodle™

Why it Matters

This curriculum empowers individuals to...
  • Learn to replace communication danger signs with strategies for respectful talking and listening.
  • Look at the warning signs of dangerous patterns in relationships.
  • Manage stress and reduce the negative effects of it on their lives, including alcohol abuse.
  • Explore personal needs and expectations and the role that decision-making plays in realizing them.
  • Learn the brain science behind love and how to enjoy making decisions while "in love."
  • Acknowledge the long-term satisfaction possible through healthy choices regarding commitment, including why fatherhood matters.
  • Discuss forgiveness, infidelity and knowing when to end an unhealthy relationship.

What's Unique About Got Your Back?

Military singles are already responsible, committed citizens of the U.S. but they also strive to find balance in their personal lives. Got Your Back helps participants to set their goals and commit to what they want for themselves in life.  Individuals are helped to see how small decisions and actions can help them realize their most important goals in both personal and professional relationships.  

Participant Driven

Got Your Back includes activities that engage individual men and women, small groups and whole groups of participants in the application of the themes to their own lives.

Flexible Format

Length of Program: 6.5 Hours Total 

Modular units allow you to teach only the topics you choose. Each lesson is 25 or 50 minutes long. As with all of our curricula, the material is easily adaptable.