Got Your Back

Got Your Back is a vital, skills-based curriculum for individual servicemembers that focuses on health and resilience by helping participants improve their self-awareness, their understanding and acceptance of others, their decision-making skills, and achieve their goals for a variety of relationships and contexts. These include: 

- friendships
- professional relationships
- family relationships
- dating/partner relationships
- parenting and co-parenting relationships
- their individual meaning and life purpose

Got Your Back equips servicemembers with the life skills and resilience training to be effective and healthy in both their professional and personal lives, skills that help servicemembers overcome personal adversity and become more mission effective. This focus also makes Got Your Back an important part of a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention. Such skills include:

- critical thinking
- connectedness to others
- conflict-resolution
- problem-solving
- stress management/reduction
- healthy coping skills
- expectation setting
- drug & alcohol abuse prevention 
- education around risk and protective factors
- positive messages about help seeking and being in community

As the name suggests, Got Your Back is designed not just to help servicemembers identify and create a community of support for themselves; it’s also meant for them to learn how to be of support and safety to others. 

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Interactive approach to teaching...
This curriculum uses animations, Lecture Doodles, and activities to teach, keeping participants interested and making important ideas easier to teach. Click to see an example of a Lecture Doodle™

Participant Driven

Got Your Back includes activities that engage individual men and women, small groups and whole groups of participants in the application of the themes to their own lives.

Flexible Format

Length of Program: 6.5 Hours Total 

Modular units allow you to teach only the topics you choose. Each lesson is 25 or 50 minutes long. As with all of our curricula, the material is easily adaptable.