On My Shoulders

On My Shoulders is a unique, interactive curriculum designed to equip men with the skills for healthy relationships, especially with their children. Themes include: communication, stress, co-parenting, commitment, discipline and gratitude.

Why it Matters

This curriculum empowers individuals to...
  • Learn to replace communication danger signs with proactive strategies for respectful talking and listening.
  • Explore the role that personality plays in relationships with others - especially with their kids.
  • Keep a Gratitude Log to help recognize and practice expressing gratitude as a building block of happiness.
  • Acknowledge and carefully consider the role discipline takes in their household.
  • Consider secure and insecure attachments.
  • Practice strong assertive positive communication.
  • Discuss the forces in society that serve to stereotype or limit a man's role.
  • Understand the importance of commitment.

What's Unique About On My Shoulders?

This curriculum is NOT about focusing on the deficits of men, but rather understanding their barriers and providing possible solutions.  Themes that are introduced early and carried throughout are: the importance of fathers in the lives of their children, the value of understanding and accepting oneself, and the power of new skills that promote healthy relationships.

Participant Driven

On My Shoulders Includes over 75 activities that engage individual fathers, small groups and whole groups of participants in the application of the themes to their own lives.

Flexible Format

Length of Program: 21 hours total

Each section (there are 14), based on suggestion, runs 90 minutes long. As with all of our curricula, the material is easily adaptable.