Walking the Line

Walking the Line addresses the issues that inmates face as they negotiate relationships with the challenges that come from living in confinement. The material focuses dually on being proactive about improving relationships through whatever means possible prior to release as well as managing expectations and employing effective relationship strategies after release.

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Why it Matters

This curriculum empowers individuals to...
  • Explore the role personality plays in their needs and their interactions with other people.
  • Note their own issues and experiences as common starting points of conflict.
  • Recognize communication danger signs and replace them with respectful speaking and listening skills.
  • Handle anger and stress well.
  • Learn the guidelines for making significant decisions regarding relationships and commitment.
  • Explore the role their own father plays in their lives and discover the significant impact they may have in the lives of a child.
  • Gain skills needed to navigate re-entry into society successfully or, for those with life sentences, seek ways to connect with community from within the prison walls.

What's Unique About Walking the Line?

The experiences and challenges that inmates face as they try to maintain or salvage their relationships outside the walls of the prison are significant. PREP partnered with specialists in the field of corrections to meet the particular needs of incarcerated men in respectful, interactive and powerful ways.

In this video, Dr. Galena Rhoades speaks to the value of relationship education for those in prison and it impacts them upon re-entry.

Participant Driven

Walking the Line is an activity driven curriculum that is designed to help participants:
1) develop and maintain healthy relationships
2) develop healthy communication skills
3) manage stress and anger
4) prepare for re-entry or manage their prison terms.

Flexible Format

Length of Program: 17 hours total

Each separate unit, based on suggestion, is 45-95 minutes long. As with all of our curricula, the material is easily adaptable.