Winning the Workplace Challenge

Winning the Workplace Challenge applies relationship-building skills in yet another environment - the workplace - reminding participants that nurturing successful, productive professional relationships requires attention and care.

PREP Co-Developer, Dr. Scott M. Stanley, gives a brief overview of this curriculum:

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Why it Matters

This curriculum empowers individuals to...
  • Learn to replace communication danger signs with proactive strategies for respectful talking and listening.
  • Assess their personality and how that impacts their work relationships and communication.
  • Learn and reinforce an effective model of communication - the Speaker Listener Technique.
  • Explore their own hidden issues in order to help manage emotional responses more effectively.
  • Make important decisions about actions to take to improve professional relationships.

What's Unique About Winning the Workplace Challenge?

Relationships matter in all the facets of our lives, personally and professionally. Winning the Workplace Challenge nurtures professional relationships for a thriving professional environment that enjoys productivity with a combined cooperative, creative effort.

Participant Driven

Winning the Workplace Challenge includes a workbook that asks participants to engage with the material by journaling, taking quizzes and reflecting on the application of the material to their professional relationships.

Flexible Format

Length of Program: Originally designed for an 8 hour workshop, however, as with all of our curricula, the material is easily adaptable.