PREP Curricula & Tailored Technical Assistance for Marriage/Relationship & Fatherhood Grantees

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 If you are responsible for the effective delivery of curricula,
put PREP options to work for you. We offer grantee packets to aid in writing your grant, technical assistance for help after you begin to implement your grant, and other resources dedicated to ensuring fidelity.

Grantee Packets assist in effective grant writing by providing curriculum-specific information. Included in each curriculum specific packet: Detailed Description of the Curriculum, Evidence of Effectiveness, Logic Model, Participant Materials Pricing, and Training Policies. The digital packets are free upon request.  
  PREP CURRICULA - Grantee Packet Options:
Couples - PREP 8.0 and Within Our Reach

Individuals – Within My Reach
Fathers – On My Shoulders
Spanish-Speaking – A Nuestro Alcance and A Mi Alcance
Re-Entry/Corrections – Walking the Line
Employment - Winning the Workplace Challenge

Supplemental - ePREP
Email your packet requests: Please provide your name and organization and packet option(s). 

PREP's tailored Technical Assistance (TA) 
gives you access to a PREP master trainer who will be dedicated to your particular needs.
TA provided on a quarterly basis to coincide with delivery of 
the curriculum as well as hour-long calls with your instructors and program managers. (Can be tailored to length of your program) 

te visits where our master trainers model workshop implementation. Your workshop leaders will gain insight as they watch our experts in action conducting one of your workshops. 
Our advisors can provide assistance via phone, email, video conference and site visits. A PREP Tailored TA package dedicates that expertise solely to you and your needs. Keep in mind, our experts have trained thousands of individuals looking to run workshops and programs. Over time we have found solutions for many different issues.
CLICK HERE for TA details and prices.

Additional grantee resources help increase grantee program success.  We invite you to:

Download our recently updated Coaching Tips - two versions.
SLT Coaching Essentials as well as SLT Coaching ExtendedThere you will find important considerations for effective coaching within PREP curricula.

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Testimonials Regarding PREP Curricula and Training:
Healthy Marriage and Relationship Education  
2015-2020 Grant Winner

After being exposed to PREP curricula ".... I was able to look at relationships differently and how to work with couples.” 
ACF Grantees Comment on PREP  
New Pathways for Fathers and Families  
2015-2020 Grant Winner

".... we have completed a few groups now and the qualitative feedback from the participants has been really positive. They seem to be getting a lot out of the On My Shoulders Curriculum.”  
Responsible Fatherhood Opportunities for Reentry and Mobility (ReFORM) 2015-2020 Grant Winner
"The trainer is great! He does an amazing job delivering the curriculum. He has really educated us as to how to deliver the materials effectively.  Also, the info is amazing and applicable to EVERYONE!”