The PREP Curricula

PREP is education, not therapy.
Most of us learned to read with the help of a teacher. We took tennis lessons, piano lessons or at least watched a t.v. show on how to remodel the bathroom before digging in. But when it comes to loving relationships, we just assume we’ll know how to do it.

The fact is that most of us didn’t learn relationship skills in a direct manner from qualified sources. Most of us simply picked up bits of information from people who had good intentions, but lacked expertise. Worse, some passed on advice that was downright wrong.

PREP provides the best relationship education tools.
When it comes to loving the most important people in our lives,
no one can ever learn too much. Research shows that while therapy
can be extremely helpful in certain situations, much of what goes wrong
in loving relationships has much to do with never having learned the
skills and principles associated with successful relationships.

That's why we developed educational curricula to teach couples and individuals the skills and principles they need to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship. We exist to improve relationship health. We develop researched, evidence based, outcome evaluated curricula. Our curricula provides facilitators with the best tools on the market.

PREP 8.0 (general audience)
Within Our Reach (general audience)
Christian PREP materials (PREP skills with a foundation in Christian theology)
Curricula for Individuals:

Within My Reach (general audience)

Winning the Workplace Challenge (PREP skills adapted to the workplace)

Got Your Back (relationship skills for singles in the military)

Walking the Line (relationship and decision-making skills for men who are incarcerated or who are navigating re-entry into society)