No Training Required

Stand-alone Lessons are Now Available

PREP has an incredible reputation when it comes to developing high-quality research-based and evidence-based curricula. And 1,000's of facilitators are running weekend workshops with our materials. But we didn't want to stop there. We know that many facilitators aren't yet ready to commit to attending a full intensive 3-day training with our team.

Additionally, we know that many relationship education champions, regardless of whether they have attended a training or not, want access to smaller bite-sized tools so that they can work with the time they have, even if that time is only one short hour with a participant.

Then there are other facilitators who have so few contact hours with their participants they just want to be able to give a DVD or a book to someone who is hungry for better relationship strategies and communication skills.

That is why PREP is working to expand access and make it easier to teach some of our core philosophies and research-based skills. We now have the following tools available so that our PREP facilitators can run short stand-alone workshops. We hope that these tools will make it easier for you to teach what you love - relationship education.

Topic: Anger & Stress

One-Hour Lesson: Letting FLo Drive: Anger & Stress
Help participants learn anger & stress management skills.

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Topic: Personality

One-Hour Lesson: Who Are You Anyway?: Personality 
Help participants build understanding, empathy, and acceptance for one another. 

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Topic: Commitment

26-Minutes: Understanding Commitment
This DVD helps couples learn meaningful ways to reinforce their commitment to each other in their day-to-day lives. 

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Topic: Relationship Pacing/
Partner Selection

4-Minutes: Relationship DUI (currently showcased on YouTube under Relationship DUI)
This DVD helps individuals learn why so many of us easily slide into bad relationship decisions and choose the wrong partners.

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We truly hope that these tools will empower organizations and individuals that love the PREP curricula to do more with less in the years to come.

We’re also still doing trainings for those who would like to become full-fledged PREP Instructors (with access to the complete set of curricula), and we plan to keep doing them. Because after all we have 30+ years of collected knowledge in relationship education that we love sharing and we have found that training is the best way to teach many of the nuances of our curricula and to connect with all of the incredible individuals and couples who bring our materials to life.