New from PREP!
PREPToolbox offers a collection of streaming videos that will help you teach innovative strategies for relationship success.

How does PREPToolbox work?
PREPToolbox offers unlimited access to our video collection. Stream our videos directly to your desktop, laptop, or mobile device. You can use them in sessions, classrooms, workshops and more.
Additionally, a subscription to 
PREPToolbox gives you the ability to assign any of the tools as “homework” by sending a link to your clients or students helping to reinforce the change begun in your session.

Ready to check it out?  

Simply go to 

At the website you will find samples of each video for you to view. When you are ready to subscribe you will find a simple, safe payment process. Once you are done signing up you can started using these tools today!

You will also have access to new materials as we add them to the PREPToolbox.

Here’s how different subscribers are implementing their subscriptions: 

These tools have been used for decades by health care professionals to help teach relationship health to clients, using a variety of types of video, including footage of real couples highlighting communication problems and learning skills. Therapists can send a link of the video they want their client to watch either before or after the session.They also can stream a video into the session as they work with their clients. 


PREPToolbox is perfect for use in the classrooms with college or high school students in order to augment lectures on relationship dynamics or demonstrate skills and strategies for great relationships. Assigning homework is as easy as posting a link to the school's homework system or emailing the link to the students.

 PREP Facilitators

Used across the globe by PREP-trained facilitators the various video tools are streamed into their workshops allowing easy access to a wide variety of video resources from PREP beyond those provided in specific curricula. PREP-trained facilitators get a special price for the PREPToolbox. If you are not a PREP-trained facilitator and are interested in learning how to become one, please contact us at