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May, 2019
  • Within My Reach - Greenwood Village, CO (Training)
    •            Dates: 5/21/2019 to 5/23/2018
                 Title: Within My Reach
                 Training Type: WMR
                 Time: 8:30am -4:30pm
                 Location: 7600 East orchard Road NORTH BUILDING
      Greenwood Village, CO
                 Tuition: Early Bird $650
                 Services Available for:
                 Instructor: Miranda Egger
                 Contact Name: Maggie Corcoran
                 Contact Phone: 720.227.0148
                 Contact Email: maggie@prepinc.com
                 Other Info:

      3 Days of Hands on Instruction from PREP's Master Trainer: Miranda Egger. Attendees will experience the curriculum from the facilitator and participant side. 
      BONUS: A Special Presentation by internationally respected relationship expert  Dr. Scott M. Stanley

      Within My Reach
       offers a skills-based program with critical, concrete tools that help participants control their own relationship in a way that will lead to more enriching, more satisfying interactions with the people that matter in their lives, with themes that include: knowing yourself first, smart love, and making your own decisions.

      Early Bird Price: $650 ($675 after March 31st)
      Call us about "Refresher" costs

      18 Hours of CE's are available.  Optional. $45

June, 2019

July, 2019

August, 2019

September, 2019
  • PREP 8.0 - Specific to using PREP with military couples - Englewood, CO (Event)
    •            Dates: 9/17/2019 to 9/19/2019
                 Title: PREP 8.0 - Specific to using PREP with military couples
                 Training Type: PREP
                 Time: 8:30am-4:30pm
                 Location: 8300 East Crescent Pkw
      Englewood, CO
                 Tuition: $650 Early Bird Pricing (good through August 1st)
                 Services Available for:
                 Instructor: Lawrence Ramos
                 Contact Name: Maggie Corcoran
                 Contact Phone: 720-227-0148
                 Contact Email: info@prepinc.com
                 Other Info: This training is in the PREP 8.0 for Couples curriculum.
      It will be geared towards using PREP 8.0 when working with military couples.

      You do not need to be military to attend.
      There will be 18 hours of Continuing Education offered. (optional)

October, 2019