Anger & Stress
Stand-alone Leader Kit

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The Anger and Stress Leader Kit

Note: This is a standalone item and can be purchased without training.

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Letting FLo Drive: Anger and Stress is an hour-long lesson that teaches participants about the physiology of stress and anger from a brain science perspective and helps participants discover research-based answers to handling anger and stress reactions. The lesson specifically focuses on promoting self-awareness and mindful choices. It also focuses on presenting practical techniques that students can employ to manage emotions in healthy ways.

This The Anger and Stress Leader Kit comes with a Leader Guide, a copy of the eight-page full-color participant guide, and includes PowerPoint slides and PREP’s LectureDoodle™ “Letting Flo Drive.” This stand-alone module is designed to be run in groups not one-on-one. And is designed to run with individuals, not necessarily with couples.

Each Anger & Stress participant will need: Each participant should receive one Anger and Stress participant guide and one calming skills cd.

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