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PREP Lecture Doodle DVD:
Relationship DUI



The Relationship DUI video:

A teaching tool geared towards unmarried adults ages 17-92 that explores the following:
•    partner selection
•    relationship pacing
•    why it’s so advantageous to define the relationship
•    and why it’s important to make clear decisions about who you fall for and how you go about the falling

Content Overview

It’s an illustrated lecture, lasting four minutes, that outlines why so many of us easily slide into bad relationship decisions and choose the wrong partners and then we end up hanging onto that relationship long after we know it should end. The DVD not only describes the chemicals in our brain that impair our decision-making abilities when we first fall for someone, but it also describes what we can do to prevent getting burned or at least limit the damage when we take a wrong turn in our love life.

For Yourself and Those You Care About

We highly recommend showing this Relationship DUI video to anyone that you feel is in danger of settling for the wrong partner and for the wrong reasons.