A Lasting Promise Book Study Couples Kit
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   For the couple:

   A Lasting Promise Small Group Book Study for the Couple $24.95:

Included in the couple's materials are a copy of A Lasting Promise, two  Prayer Journals one for each of the        couple's  personal reflections. Also  included is the Speaker/Listener Floor Magnet. This is a classic PREP tool  used by many, many couples worldwide. One user told us they have moved  many times and the magnet is unpacked and placed on the new refrigerator  ready to be used no matter what country they live in! thoughtful and reflected throughout. For the most up-to-date content and materials related to this line, please take note of the A Lasting Promise Small Group Book Study materials noted above. They are thoroughly modern and the update to the book is particularly strong. 

   1 A Lasting Promise Book
   2 Prayer Journals
   1 Ask, Talk, Pray Bookmark
   1 Speaker Listener Card