Gifts with a purpose

Interested in helping your friends, your family, or your clients find their way to a better healthier love life? Look no further. We have several gift options for helping someone you love improve and/or protect their relationships. These gifts could be great for a pre-marital gift, a wedding gift, a gift for someone you know who is struggling in their relationship, or someone you care about who is struggling to find "the one". These gifts are for anyone who could benefit by learning more about what it takes to create and maintain a successful romantic relationship.

Idea #1 Primary Colors Personality Tools

The Primary Colors Personality Tool is the perfect gift, party game and ice-breaker for your next get-together!

We recommend purchasing a 4-page personality tool as a gift for each person coming to your next party. Then have each guest fill out their tool and see what personality they are. Then ask everyone to guess each others' personality color based on what they know about the person and the personality descriptions in the tool.

By using this tool your guests can further develop their knowledge of self while also providing a great vocabulary to talk about personality and joke with each other about various personality traits and quirks. You'll go from surface-level party conversation to interesting ice-breaking discussion and laughter in no time.
Personality Tool
(pkg of 10)

Item #PPT
$15.00 each• 1-4
$13.00 each• 5-9
$11.00 each• 10+

Idea #2 Fighting For Your Marriage

This PREP classic builds on its successful foundation.

FOR YOUR MARRIAGE, 3rd Edition includes the latest research, tips, and techniques and includes a brand new instructional DVD showing real couples learning how to improve their marriages under the guidance of experts.

Fighting for Your Marriage
Book & DVD

Item #FB1
$19.95 each• 1-49
$16.95 each• 50-99
$14.95 each• 100+

Idea #3 A Lasting Promise

New 2014 Edition!

This is the Christian Guide to Fighting For Your Marriage

Several of our customers have bought the book A Lasting Promise for their loved ones as a gift. To make the purchase even more personal and special, we recommend underlining or highlighting the passages that speak to you and writing into the margins personal messages like, "your dad and I practice this in our marriage", or "your dad and I struggled with this challenge here when we were newly together and we think a lot of couples can benefit from this information here on page (X)."

A Lasting Promise, New and Revised Edition
Soft Cover
Item #ALP1-NEW
$19.95 each• 1-49
$16.95 each• 50-99
$14.95 each• 100+
The Prayer Journal

Item #CPPJ
$9.00 each• 1-49
$7.00 each• 50-99
$6.00 each• 100+

Idea #4 Love Takes Learning

An online relationship education program!

Here at PREP we believe that there are many powerful options when it comes to getting help for your love life. We strongly recommend in-person relationship education whenever possible. However, we also wanted to provide an option for relationship education online.
LoveTakesLearning/ePREP is a new and powerful online relationship education program that has been shown to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression and increase constructive communication with one’s partner.  It can be given as a gift to anyone you know that would like to improve and/or protect the health of their relationship. There are both singles and couples versions available.

to to purchase.

Idea #5 Relationship DUI

For your single friends! This DUI DVD offers information on how to choose the right partner and how to date smarter. This DVD is for your friends on Match, Tinder, eHarmony, Zoosk, OurTime, or PlentyofFish. Basically, this DVD is for anyone who is still looking for "the one".

In only 4 minutes we unpack why relationship pacing and partner selection is so important.
This DVD clearly illustrates what can happen when singles aren't thoughtful about who they fall for or about how fast they lock themselves into a new relationship. Your friend or family member will thank you for it!

$19.95 each• 1+

Idea #6 Commitment DVD

This series of animations show 5 practical things couples can do for each other to help strengthen and protect their love.

Here’s a gift for a special couple you know who love each other and want to increase the joyous-side of their commitment, the dedication-side. For whatever stage they may be in, this heartwarming and inspiring DVD will make them laugh, and think, and love each other even more.

Understanding Commitment
Live Lecture & Animations DVD
Item #CC-DVD
$19.95 each• 1+
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