Personality Tool

(No Training Required)
Primary Colors Personality Tool: This tool
 that helps individuals come to a greater understanding of the role their personality plays in their interpersonal relationships. By understanding their own personality, as well as the spectrum of other personality styles, participants can begin to understand how to better navigate personality differences and detect possible personality-based conflict in their relationships. Two purchase options listed below.

Stand-alone Leader Kit

Item #NTR-2L
$24.00 each• 1+
Personality: Who Are You Anyway?
Participant Guides (pkg of 10)
Includes Personality 10-Pack

Item #NTR-2P
$32.50 each• 1-4
$26.00 each• 5-9
$22.75 each• 10+
Personality Tool
(pkg of 10)

Item #PPT
$15.00 each• 1-4
$13.00 each• 5-9
$11.00 each• 10+
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