A Mi Alcance is also available in English
The language used in A Mi Alcance, is flexible enough to be used with individuals who may or may not be in a relationship. A Mi Alcance is based on up-to-date research in communication, conflict management, affect regulation, commitment, expectations, intimacy enhancement, emotional safety, and physical safety. A Mi Alcance additionally focuses on partner selection with regard to important issues such as safety in relationships and the impact of one’s romantic life on one’s children.

Important note! To purchase the products below, you must have attended an in-person 3-day training with one of our PREP Master Trainers. If you have not yet attended a training, click here to see some other options that might work for you!

Facilitator Materials

(For Trained Leaders Only)
Spanish Within My Reach Leader Manual
Item #SWPR2
$49.00 each• 1+
Spanish Within My Reach PowerPoint
Item #SWPR20
$65.00 each• 1+
Within My Reach Video Clips (Spanish)
Item #SWPV2
$59.95 each• 1+
Los Ejercicios de Relajación
$5.00 each• 1-49
$4.00 each• 50-99
$3.50 each• 100+

Participant Materials

Spanish Within My Reach Singles Kit
$17.50 each• 1+
Spanish Within My Reach Participant Manual
Item #SWPR4
$11.00 each• 1-49
$10.00 each• 50-99
$9.00 each• 100+
Colores Primarios Test de Personalidad
(pkg of 10)

Item #SPPT
$15.00 each• 1-4
$13.00 each• 5-9
$11.00 each• 10+
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