-Walking the Line

Walking the Line addresses the issues that inmates face as they negotiate relationships with the challenges that come from living in confinement. The material focuses dually on being proactive about improving relationships through whatever means possible prior to release as well as managing expectations and employing effective relationship strategies after release.

Walking the Line (WTL) Webinar: Normally to purchase the products below, you must have attended an in-person 3-day training with one of our PREP Master Trainers. Because we do not currently have a Walking the Line training scheduled, we are providing an 8 hour WTL Webinar. Once completed you can begin to order and use WTL.
Walking the Line Instructor Kit
Item #LPR7-W
$400.00 each• 1+
Walking the Line Participant Manual
Item #LPR4
$13.00 each• 1-49
$12.00 each• 50-99
$11.00 each• 100+
Personality Tool
(pkg of 10)

Item #PPT
$15.00 each• 1-4
$13.00 each• 5-9
$11.00 each• 10+
The Floor, Card Stock
(Package of 100)

Item #FL1
$10.00 each• 1+
Danger Signs & 
Time Out Cards
(pkg of 100)

Item #DTO-cards
$10.00 each• 1+
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