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Perfect for home groups, books clubs, or private sessions

A Lasting Promise Small Group Book Study
For the newly engaged to the long-time marrieds. If you are a leader who wants
to use the most researched and evaluated for effectiveness relationship education
tools on the market without compromising the wisdom of Scripture this collection is
for you.

For the facilitator:

A Lasting Promise Small Group Book Study

for the Leader $69:

Starting with the using the newly revised and updated version of A Lasting Promise
facilitators can lead groups with the simple Ask, Talk, Pray small group discussion
book marker. Also included are nine powerful short videos. They emphasize key
learning/discussion points, as well as provide additional discussion opportunities.
These powerful videos feature actual non-scripted couples using and not using the
communication techniques from A Lasting PromiseThe Prayer Journal covers 12
important areas of growth that will branch out into multiple areas of life. It is used
as a personal reflection tool. The facilitator also receives 25 of
PREP's Speaker/Listener Floor Card.

Important note! No Training Required for the "A Lasting Promise Small Group Book Study" materials.

For the couple(one pack per couples):

A Lasting Promise Small Group Book Study

for the Couple $24.95:

Included in the couple's materials are a copy of A Lasting Promise, two
Prayer Journals
one for each of the couple's personal reflections. Also
included is the Speaker/Listener Floor Magnet. This is a classic PREP tool
used by many, many couples worldwide. One user told us they have moved
many times and the magnet is unpacked and placed on the new refrigerator
ready to be used no matter what country they live in!

-Christian PREP

This curriculum is built on scriptural wisdom, Christian teaching, and the best research on marriage available. CPREP supports couples as they live out their marriage under the love and guidance of God’s teachings.

NOTE: Christian PREP has not been significantly updated since 1996.  The concepts remain relevant however the videos are a bit dated, the participant manuals are in black and white, and the overall feel of the curricula is less contemporary than our other products.

The teaching and essence of the ideas remains fundamentally powerful. The theological integration is thoughtful and reflected throughout. For the most up-to-date content and materials related to this line, please take note of the A Lasting Promise Small Group Book Study materials noted above. They are thoroughly modern and the update to the book is particularly strong.

To purchase the products below, you must have attended an in-person 3-day training with one of our PREP Master Trainers. If you have not yet attended a training, click here to see some other options that might work for you!
A Lasting Promise Leader Kit
Item #ALP-LK
$69.00 each• 1+
A Lasting Promise Couples Kit
Item #ALP-CK
$24.95 each• 1+
Understanding Commitment
Live Lecture & Animations DVD
Item #CC-DVD
$19.95 each• 1+
A Lasting Promise, New and Revised Edition
Soft Cover
Item #ALP1-NEW
$19.95 each• 1-49
$16.95 each• 50-99
$14.95 each• 100+
The Power of Commitment 
Soft Cover

Item #FB6
$16.95 each• 1-49
$14.50 each• 50-99
$12.75 each• 100+
Christian PREP Couple Manual
Item #CPR4
$10.00 each• 1-49
$9.00 each• 50-99
$8.00 each• 100+
The Prayer Journal

Item #CPPJ
$9.00 each• 1-49
$7.00 each• 50-99
$6.00 each• 100+
The Floor, Card Stock
(Package of 100)

Item #FL1
$10.00 each• 1+
The Floor, Magnet (package of 10)
Item # FL2
$7.50 each• 1-9
$6.00 each• 10+
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