PREP 7.0 is the flagship curriculum from PREP, Inc. It is the original curriculum first introduced in 1983 and updated in 2007. The language used in the PREP 7.0 Curricula is primarily geared toward married couples. The terms “spouse” and “marriage” are used often.

Important note! To purchase the products below, you must have attended an in-person 3-day training with one of our PREP Master Trainers. If you have not yet attended a training, click here to see some other options that might work for you!

Facilitator Materials

(For Trained Leaders Only)
Fighting for Your Marriage
Book & DVD

Item #FB1
$19.95 each• 1-49
$16.95 each• 50-99
$14.95 each• 100+
PREP Leader Manual
(version 7.0b)

Item # PR2
$49.00 each• 1+
PREP on PowerPoint
Item #PR20
$75.00 each• 1+
PREP Clips Video on DVD
Item #PV2
$99.95 each• 1+

Participant Materials

PREP Participant Manual
Item #PR4
$11.00 each• 1-49
$10.00 each• 50-99
$9.00 each• 100+
12 Hours to a Great Marriage,
Soft Cover

Item #FB5
$16.95 each• 1-49
$14.40 each• 50-99
$12.75 each• 100+
Personality Tool
(pkg of 10)

Item #PPT
$15.00 each• 1-4
$13.00 each• 5-9
$11.00 each• 10+
The Floor, Card Stock
(Package of 100)

Item #FL1
$10.00 each• 1+
The Floor, Magnet (package of 10)
Item # FL2
$7.50 each• 1-9
$6.00 each• 10+
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