The Value of Training

Successful organizations know that investing in education, resources, and training for their employees is one of the most important investments that they will ever make.

In the field of relationship education, evidence of effectiveness is often linked back to the programs that did chose to invest heavily in training and support for their employees.

PREP’s philosophy is that in-person training is the best way to ensure the integrity of your program, prevent high turnover cost, and make sure that your employees get the support they need to be effective. At a PREP training, your staff will receive hands-on live presenting practice along with feedback and tips from seasoned experts. We strongly support in-person training in part because this kind of hands-on experience and feedback just isn’t available yet in high-tech or TOOB models.

The field of Relationship Education is a high touch field not high tech. Your staff will thrive from 3-days of face-to-face development and in-person support.

PREP requires training in the following curricula:

Curricula for Couples:

PREP 8.0 (general audience)
Within Our Reach (general audience with a slant towards socioeconomically disadvantaged couples)
A Lasting Promise (PREP skills with a foundation in Christian theology)

Curricula for Individuals:

Within My Reach (general audience with a slant towards socioeconomically disadvantaged females)

On My Shoulders (relationship skills for fathers)
Winning the Workplace Challenge (PREP skills adapted to the workplace)
Got Your Back (relationship skills for singles in the military)
Walking the Line (relationship and decision-making skills for men who are incarcerated)

To find out more about our trainings including sample pricing models, please email to request a quote.
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